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For Sale

Giant Escape (Abby) is a 6 year old, 16hh unraced thoroughbred mare by Giant Surprise (Giants Causeway). Abby was at the track as a 2 year old but unraced. She’s since had one foal and just arrived in our barn and has been lightly restarted.

Abby is very cute with a beefy build and adorable dished face. She’s been sweet and easy to work around in the barn and excellent getting back to work after several years out of a program. She naturally takes a round shape and has been quiet and willing thus far. She has three nice gaits with a particularly lovely canter.

Abby is healthy and sound with no vices.

More info coming soon…

Video- Abby just after arriving 

For Sale

Hopscotch is an 8 year old, 14.3hh big bodied paint gelding. We purchased Hops last winter as a training/resale project and he was everything we hoped he’d be. Cute as could be, kind, sensible, and willing learning his new job. Unfortunately he ended up with some soundness issues shortly after starting into a consistent program due to a fairly significant old tendon injury. He’s been rested and rehabbed and is back in light work trail riding a few days a week. He’s now looking for a light trail riding job. Hops is a sensible, honest guy out on the trail. He’s been ridden with a buddy or small group and is happy to lead or follow. We’ve ridden him down our road, in the woods, and in the field with no problems. He’s happy to cross fallen trees, goes through water, and has been good around traffic. He does do best with a few minutes on the lunge line if he isn’t ridden regularly. In the barn Hops is personable with good ground manners. He can make cranky faces at times, but overall is a sweet guy. He stands nicely on the cross ties for grooming, bathes, is perfect to load and ship, and good for the vet and farrier. Hops is happy as could be in his stall or perfectly content living out 24/7. Most recently he’s been on individual small paddock turnout due to his rehab, but was previously turned out with a small herd and got along well with everyone. He is typically low man in the pecking order, but keeps himself out of trouble. Hops is an easy keeper staying chunky, but not too fat with a balancer and free choice hay or grass. He’s currently barefoot, UTD on coggins and all his vaccines, and had his teeth floated in December. He will not stay sound doing serious work but is perfectly sound and happy for a casual trail riding job. Additional info on his injury and ultrasound available. 

Currently priced at $3k, open to offer to a good, longterm home.

Video- Hopscotch 5/30/23

For Sale

County Cork (Cormac) is a 4 year old, 16.3hh thoroughbred gelding by Indian Ocean (Stormy Atlantic). Cormac is a big, lanky boy with lots of growing and filling out still to do. He had four starts at the track last year and made it clear racing wasn’t his thing. He went home to his breeders farm and enjoyed a winter of turnout, before being restarted this spring.

Cormac has now been in a program for about a month and is coming along nicely. He’s a willing guy who always aims to please. He has three comfortable, nicely balanced gaits and is getting steadier in the bridle as he gains milage. He’s typically fairly quiet, but can get a bit antsy when he doesn’t understand and does have some silly baby moments. He’s been lightly started over fences and has proven to be willing, smart about where to put his feet, and very brave. Cormac has done some trail ride and is happy hacking out on his own or with a buddy. He is a big boy and still figuring out where to put all his parts, so will need someone capable of packaging and balancing a bigger horse.

In the barn Cormac is sweet and loves attention. He’s happy in his stall and loves his turnout time. He can get a bit impatient at times, but overall has good manners. He’s big enough he could intimidate a  timid handler. Cormac is healthy and sound with no vices or past injuries. He is a bit of a loud breather.

Currently priced at $6k, subject to change.

Video- Cormac jumping 5/22/23

            Cormac 5/20/23

            Cormac intro to free jumping 5/16/23

            Cormac 5/17/23