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Horses Currently for Sale or Lease

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For Sale

Jackson is a 7 year old, 15h quarter horse cross gelding. He has a solid foundation on the flat with three nice gaits and makes a cute shape. He’s brave and honest jumping around small fences in the arena and out in the cross country field. He has an easy lead change. He’s done the bank, ditch, and water all without an issue. Jackson is happy hacking out on his own or with a buddy. He’s not spooky or naughty and is the type thats always trying to please his people and do the right thing. While he is safe, he is more of a sensitive, forward thinking type and does need a rider with a bit of experience and feel to help him go his best. In the barn you could not ask for an easier, sweeter horse to have around. He’s happy living in or out and gets along well with anyone in turnout. He’s quiet and easy with all the things. Very polite with a fun personality. He’s healthy, sound, has lovely feet, no vices, and is an easy keeper! He’d be a pleasure to have in any barn. He’s been available for a bit and while he’s been safe and honest for the variety of people who have tried him he just hasn’t found his perfect match. He’s not for a beginner, small child, or someone without solid basics. For a good riding AA/junior looking for an honest, well started prospect he would be a fun one to continue bringing along and he could be pointed in just about any direction.

Currently priced at $7500, subject to change. 

Video- Jackson videos

For offsite lease or lease with option

W.P. Traveling Lane (Laney) is a 12 year old, 14.2hh big bodied spotted haflinger mare. Laney is a super all around type, fun to ride and always up for an adventure. She spent the last couple years on lease with a junior eventing at starter/BN level. She’s been to several junior eventing camps and has as much fun as her rider. She’s cute on the flat with three nice gaits and absolutely loves to jump. She’s a point and shoot type both in the arena and out in the field. She’s a trail riding machine, confident and happy going out on her own or with others. Laney is super safe, she’s not spooky or naughty. She is forward thinking, so not for a timid rider or beginner. She’d be a great match for an AA or junior who likes safe and nonsense free, but with a motor. In the barn Laney has a huge personality. She loves attention and is consistently on the hunt for cookies. She’s easy for all the day to day things. Ties/cross ties, bathes, clips, loads easily, and is the same off the farm. Her only tricky/quirky thing is that she’s not the easiest with the vet or farrier. She hates needles, which can make vaccines tough, but they are doable. She does get worried with the farrier and either needs some sedation (dorm gel) or a farrier who is patient and she trusts. If you can deal with her quirkiness with the vet and farrier she is otherwise a pleasure to have around. A blast to ride and so easy to live with. She gets along well with anyone in turnout and is happy in the stall or living out 24/7. 

$3500 for 6 months, $6k for a year (insurance included) or $10k option to purchase.

Videos- Laney videos

For offsite lease or lease with option

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey) is a 13 year old, 15.1hh appendix mare. Journey is a fun ride on the flat and over fences. She’s cute on the flat with three comfortable nicely balanced gaits and brave and scopey over fences. She spent last season eventing some at BN with a good riding junior. She did a couple recognized events and a ton of schooling shows, clinics, etc.. She’s schooled quite a bit at 3’+ and done a couple CTs at novice. She could easily move up to novice this season or swap disciplines and have some fun in the jumper ring. She’s sweet and easy to have around and a straightforward ride with the right partner and program. She's our go to guest horse, has stood in as a pony club catch ride, done pony rides with little nieces etc... While she's a good girl, she does have her days she can be tense and will need a confident, capable rider in those moments who can put her mind to work. She absolutely would be a fun, easy ride for the right AA/junior in a good program. Journey is healthy and sound, with no vices and an easy keeper. 

$3500 for 6 months, $7k for a year (including insurance). Option to purchase $18k.

Video- Journey video