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Oronacah Farm offers a wide selection of horses for sale, both for sport and pleasure. Please contact us for more information on horses posted, or others that may be available.

For Sale Calvin (JC: Blue Pride) is a 5-year-old, 16.1hh big-bodied thoroughbred gelding.  He’s an athletic type with a sweet nature on the ground and solid foundation under saddle. Calvin’s currently going nicely on the flat w/t/c and has a good start over fences. He’s still figuring out the flat work, but shows glimpses of how nice he will be when things come together. He is a good mover, with a particularly nice canter. He has an uphill feel and a trot and canter you could sit all day. He is careful and honest over fences, showing good form and natural technique. Calvin’s been jumping small courses in the arena and schooled several times out in the XC field. He does banks, ditches, and crosses water without an issue. Calvin goes out trail riding regularly and is quiet and relaxed alone or with a group. In the barn he is very personable and thoroughly enjoys attention. He has excellent ground manners and no vices. Calvin is good in a stall or happy to live out, and gets along with anyone in turnout. Mentally he does do best with ample turnout with buddies. Calvin has big beautiful feet, clean legs, and no history of any health or soundness issues. While Calvin is a kind, sensible guy he is young and athletic and would be best suited for a confident and capable rider.


Video's- Calvin over fences October 2019

               Calvin flat March 2020

For Sale Murphy (JC: Make a Beer Run) is a 4-year-old, 16hh and growing unraced thoroughbred gelding. He’s currently going nicely on the flat w/t/c and is lightly started over small fences. Murphy is a laidback, kind horse with a go with the flow attitude. He doesn’t get flustered or tense and is always willing when learning new things. He’s consistent on the flat and more of a push ride. He’s been introduced to basic lateral work, which he picked up on quickly. He is new to jumping, but always willing to try.  Murphy goes out trail riding regularly and is relaxed and quiet leading or following a group. He’s been introduced to small logs, banks, and ditches out in the field and happily crosses water. In the barn Murphy is very sweet with good ground manners. He stands on the cross ties, enjoys grooming, doesn’t mind being left in the field on his own or being the only one in the barn. Murphy is happy to live in or out and gets along with anyone in turnout. He has clean legs, good feet, and no vices or history or health/soundness issues. His excellent mind would make him well suited for an AA or junior interested in bringing along a young horse, but wanting something safe and sensible.


Video's- Free lunge October 2019

               Murphy 6th ride off the track November 2019

For Lease Timmins is a 13-year-old, 16.2hh big-bodied thoroughbred gelding. He is well educated on the flat and over fences with plenty of mileage eventing at the lower level. Timmins is just returning from a 2-year lease with a junior rider and will be available for lease again to an excellent home. He is an honest, kind horse who could easily show an AA or junior the ropes at the lower levels of eventing. He’s got an extensive record at BN/N with miles at training level. He has no health or soundness issues and is a pleasure to have in the barn. 6 or 12 month lease available.

Video's- Timmins GMHA Novice XC 2019

For Sale Willow is a 10-year-old, 15hh quarter horse mare. Nice all around type suitable for an AA or junior.

Additional info available soon.

For Sale Journey is a 9-year-old, 15.1-15.2hh appendix mare.

Additional info coming soon.

SOLD Samson is a 4 year old, 17hh percheron cross gelding. He has a good base on the flat and is willing and honest jumping around courses both in the arena and out in the cross-country field. Samson has been trail ridden extensively and is good going out on his own or with a group. He’s been out fox hunting a few times and loved it. Samson is quiet and light in the bridle, but nicely in front of the aids and always happy to work. He goes in a simple snaffle and never gets heavy or strong. Samson is currently jumping around 2’6” courses with ability to move up. He’s very honest and happy to accept rider error. He’s been schooled extensively out in the cross-country field and is brave and nonchalant doing banks, ditches, and water. Samson has lots of personality and thoroughly enjoys any and all attention. He’s easy to clip, ship, and a good boy for the vet and farrier. He’s the same low-key guy in new places and while he enjoys a routine, does not require an everyday program. Samson is healthy and sound with excellent feet. 

SOLD Hawk is a 9-year-old, 15hh solid paint gelding. He’s a kind and sensible guy who would be well suited for an AA or child. He has three comfortable gaits and goes nicely on the flat w/t/c. He’s been ridden western in the past and has a good neck rein, happy to go along quietly on loopy reins. Recently he has been ridden mostly English and is quickly learning to go nicely on the contact. He has been started over fences and proven to be brave and honest with a cute jump. With additional miles he could easily continue to progress over fences. Hawk has been trail ridden extensively and goes out nicely alone or in company. He is not a spooky or quirky type. Hawk is quiet without being lazy. He’s the same horse whether he’s ridden everyday or once a week. Hawk has exceptional ground manners in every way and is very sweet. He’s an easy keeper, happy to live in or out and gets along well with anyone in turnout. With his lovely temperament Hawk would be suitable as a first horse, could give confidence to a timid rider, or would be an excellent pony club or 4H mount. He has no health issues or vices.

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