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Horses Currently for Sale or Lease

For Sale or Lease- Currently located in Cambridge, NY

Dr Bolt (Doc) is an 11 year old, 16h OTTB gelding. Doc had a lengthy racing career with 51 starts and over $200k in earnings. He’s been off the track a few years and has some good milage under his belt. He’s a sweet horse with an excellent mind. Doc goes nicely on the flat w/t/c. He’s not the biggest mover, but has three comfortable, nicely balanced gaits. He’s got a soft mouth and easily comes into a cute little frame, or remains quiet and steady on a loopy contact. He’s brave over fences with a cute jump! Doc has experience jumping around 2’3”-2’6” with a bit of room to move up. We had Doc in our barn for a few months summer 2021 and did quite a bit of schooling out in the XC field. He was the same quiet guy out in the open and just as brave over natural fences. He had no issue with the bank, ditch, or water. Doc has also been trail ridden and is great going out alone or in company. He did some showing in the hunters summer 2021 with a junior and was used in an IEA program last winter. He’s got zero quirks under saddle and is never ever naughty. He’s happy working everyday in a program or you can give him a few months off and he comes out the same steady, honest guy. Doc is a pleasure to have in the barn. He’s very personable and easy to work around on the ground. He bathes, clips, ties/cross ties, and is great for the vet. He’s excellent to pick up his feet on a daily basis, but does get worried for shoeing. He is great for the farrier with a tube of dorm gel so that has become his normal routine. He’s happiest living out and gets along well with others, but can be in a stall with plenty of daily turnout as well. Doc is healthy and sound with nice feet and no vices. He would be a fun mount for a junior or AA looking for a kind, steady partner. Doc could easily be a move up horse for a kid coming off a pony, would make a great pony club mount, could continue playing around in the hunters (or low level jumpers), and would be totally game to do some low level eventing.

Currently priced at $10k or 3/6/12 month lease low-mid four figures.

Video- Doc with a junior 1/21/23

            Doc with a junior summer 2021

            Doc flat summer 2021

            Doc jump 2021

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For Sale- Currently located in Cambridge, NY

Hopscotch (Hops) is a 7 year old, 14.3hh big bodied paint gelding. Hops is a sweet guy with an easy going, go with the flow type temperament. He arrived at our farm early December and we did a couple rides on him then. We introduced him to some jumping in the field, which he was very quiet and willing for. He then spent a few weeks hanging out due to nasty weather and no indoor. He recently moved to a barn with an indoor and is now in a consistent program. He trailered over and we hopped right on for a ride with zero drama. He’s a quiet, straightforward ride. Goes along quietly without being pushed. He’s got three cute, comfortable gaits with a good basic education. We’ve just started introducing him to some contact, bending, etc.. and he proving to be a quick learner. We've taken him out on a few short trail rides and he’s been quiet and relaxed out and about. He was used in a trail riding business in his previous home, so should have plenty of experience out trail riding with a variety of riders. In the barn Hops is laid back with good ground manners. He stands nicely tied or on the cross ties for grooming and tacking up, bathes, loads easily, and has been great for our vet and farrier. He’s an easy keeper, currently living out with a group of geldings, but is also happy in a stall. He's healthy and sound with no vices. He does have an old scar and some scar tissue on his left front, which does not bother him. 

Currently priced at $8500, subject to change. 

Video-  Hops 1/9/23

             Hops first time jumping 12/8/22

For Sale- Currently located in Cambridge, NY

Lila is a 15 year old, 14.1hh big bodied quarter horse cross mare. Lila is a sweet, sensible girl who is always willing and eager to please. She goes nicely on the flat w/t/c with three big, elastic gaits. She’s a happy medium between woah and go. She’ll happily keep going along without begging, but never gets strong and is always happy to slow things down. She is happy to jump around small courses with a cute jump. She’s been doing a limited amount of jumping since moving inside for the winter, but was consistently schooling 2’-2’3” courses last fall with room to move up. She’s done lots of schooling out in the XC field and is just as sensible and willing out in the open. She does the bank, ditch, and water all without an issue. We’ve done lots of trail riding with Lila and she is excellent going out alone or in company. Lila is a kind girl who truly does not seem to have a mean or dishonest bone in her body. She has never offered to do anything naughty such as buck or rear and she’s not particularly spooky. She was quite fearful when she first arrived at our farm, but has steadily been gaining confidence with consistent work. She is relaxed and straightforward under saddle. She does still get worried at the mounting block, but does stand quietly for you to get on and is getting more relaxed all the time. On the ground she is very sweet and polite with excellent manners. A toddler could lead her around safely, she’ll stand quietly tied all day if you ask her too, and she does not have any grouchy, mareish tendencies. She’s easy to load and ship, excellent for the vet, and good for the farrier. Lila is healthy and sound with no vices. She’s got big, beautiful feet and is a very easy keeper. She’s currently living out with a mixed herd, but would also be perfectly content in a stall. Lila would be a great match for a kind, quiet AA or junior who can continue to build her trust and confidence. She does not need a particularly experienced rider but will do best with someone soft with good basic balance, so no beginners. With the right rider she truly could go any direction. 

Priced at $5500, subject to change.

Video- Lila doing all the things 10/26/22

            Lila grids, mounting block etc... 12/21/22

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